2019 South Beach Spring Break Madness


The economy is doing well.  That’s a good thing.  The increase in tourists is a good thing.

The increase in thuggish behavior and the cost to the residents of Miami Beach is not a good thing.  Miami Beach is America’s playground.  Miami Beach is not America’s punching bag.

We hate to highlight some of these videos, but it’s important to show people what is going on in order to take the kind of action that helps prevent Miami Beach’s image from getting worse.

WARNING:  Some of these videos can be graphic.

Bikini Brawl on South Beach

The following video shows a group of women in bikinis and scantily clad clothing in a street fight against another group of women.  It’s truly utter chaos in the streets of Miami Springs.

Lummus Park Beat Down

This fight starts with women in swimsuits getting into a fight.  One woman loses her bikini top along the way.  However, the fight ends with a male knocking out one of the women.

Knockout Punch

This video shows the same incident as above, but from a closer view of the knockout punch.  This is just a sad and chaotic scene that doesn’t resemble the South Beach many of us know and love.  This is truly a black eye on the city.

Boardwalk Fight

The following fight is not as vicious, but still equally unacceptable.

Fight on the Sand

Not safe on the sand either.  Can’t people just chill out listening to the waves on the beach.  Jump in the water and cool off.

Nope.  More fighting right on the sand.

Elephant in the Room

Can we call out the elephant in the room?

Afriican Elephant

I know you can’t “say” certain thing lest you be called a racist.  But HELLO, has anyone noticed how these fights seem to be all black on black?  Why?

Miami Beach welcomes everyone from every race, color, creed, and sexuality.  Dude, we don’t care where you’re from.  We care when you cause a raucous in our town.

Why do the fights seem to be mostly black on black?

I have no idea.  I’m just calling out the obvious.  I’m also calling out that blacks in Miami should be upset, not just by the violence, but by the image these idiots then give to good, hard working, church loving, family loving, black folks that are trying to get ahead in life.

Obviously, most of the black people who come to Miami Beach are trying to do the same thing as everyone else.  Have a great time.  Soak up some sun.  Have a couple of drinks.  Get laid.  Hang out with friends.

Let me be clear.  I love black people, work with black people, and have many friends that are black.  And I want to point out that most of the black people on the beach are not involved in any fights or doing anything illegal.  They are just here to have fun.

But you have to ask.  Are the folks in these fights all Spring breakers from elsewhere or are they homegrown thugs?  Is there a sub group that traveled here to cause trouble, or is it Miami’s own criminal crowd mixing in with the Spring breakers and causing trouble?

Are drugs involved?  I think at minimum alcohol is involved in the street bikini brawl.

What do you think?

What should be done about it?


Police are promising to be more aggressive this weekend.  Miami Beach Police officers will be stationed at each block along Ocean Drive as a show of force and to squash anything from getting out of control.














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