Conor McGregor Arrested on Miami Beach at Liv Night Club at the Fontainebleau


According to WPLG local 10, UFC star, Conor McGregor was arrested Monday, March 11, 2019, after he allegedly took a fan’s cellphone, smashed it on the floor, and then left with the destroyed phone.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time McGregor has been arrested.  In 2018 he was arrested for attacking a bus full of fighters.  You can watch that video here:

We welcome the rich and famous to enjoy Miami and Miami Beach.  We want them to have fun.  But come on folks.  In today’s day and age where everyone has a cellphone, you can’t do that sort of thing.  My guess is, he’s probably done that before and nothing’s happened.  But if you’re a super celebrity or just a regular guy, know that there’s a camera out there watching you.  You will be filmed and that will make it incredibly easy for the cops to come after you and arrest you.






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